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Islamic Products

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Category : Information

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Islamic Products

Islamic products can be categorised and sub-categorised in various ways. One of the first and foremost categories would be Islamic books. This is the most common form of Islamic products that are required by every Muslim man, woman and child. The Quran is the first most essential book followed by the Hadith. Islamic books is the category in Islamic products with the most number of sub-categories. Islamic books can be categorised into a few categories if done in a scholarly way but for the ‘common human’ it is better to use more simple categories applicable to daily life and be more comprehensive using a simple format. One of the categories is women in Islam. This is a very popular category with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. In present day the ‘Hijab’ is under great criticism although it should be looked up to as way for women to express their freedom. Another category would be the life of the prophet and the people around the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This includes the Sahabah and the prophets wives’. Then we have the Arabic category. There are many books to learn Arabic to recite the Quran and many books to learn Arabic as a language. Some Arabic language books have syllabuses set by the likes of Medina University and Al Azhar in Egypt. Another popular category is that of marriage, family and bringing up children in Islam. This is a very crucial category of Islamic books as we all need to have guidance on who to bring up our children Islamically. This brings us to our next category related t the previous one that is Children’s Islamic books. Children are the future and need to follow the right path. These Islamic books provide great stories and morals to learn the simple and basic beliefs of Islam. There are several other categories such as contemporary Islam, Islamic history, supplication and many others that are available in Iqra Islamic store.

Another crucial part of Islamic products is Islamic clothing. Islamic clothing is sub divided into children clothing, women’s clothing and men’s clothing. The most popular one being women’s clothing. In women’s clothing there are many different styles of dresses available in the form of abayas, jilbabs, jalabibs, jalabiyas, burqas and overcoats. The even larger category is the category of the Hijab. The hijab is available in various styles and designs as well as colours. The hijab category alone can hold over fifteen hundred products at any one time. There is also a great demand for children’s hijabs and abayas especially when they travel to the madrasa or go for madrasa classes.

Iqra has built a reputation in the field of Islamic Décor and art. The Islamic frames range in Iqra is eye-opening and unmatched. The form of art available is from contemporary to traditional in vast sizes and colours.

Another part of Iqra’s Islamic products specialty is the range of Islamic essentials such as prayer mats, bead counters, incense burners, adhan clocks and many such items. There is also an excellent collection of perfumery. The range of perfumes in Iqra Islamic store is all free from alcohol. The range of attars (perfumes) varies from flowery scents to fruity scents all the way to elegant scents.

There are one too many Islamic products to mention which are available in Iqra Islamic Books centre. The ideal way to find out more about Islamic products available in Iqra Islamic centre is to visit Iqra. Iqra will welcome everyone with both arms.

The range of Islamic products is a never ending one and there are new products launched all the time. We will try to keep you updated with all products available or that are being released. You can let us know if there is any Islamic product in specific that you might be looking for.

Black Seed and Other Natural Products – The black seed is something that has been mentioned in the Hadith and so should be taken seriously. Iqra books have Black Seed products in different forms. Iqra provides black seed in its original form which is as a seed. It also provides Black Seed oil from different manufacturers. Some of the most popular ones being Imans Black Seed oil and Zamzam black seed oil.

Hajj & Umra Products – Hajj and Umrah products are available all round the year at Iqra books irrespective of the season. Hajj and Umra products come and great variations from absolutely necessary items to items that would be an advantage to have but not necessary. The first and foremost would be the Ihram or Ehram as some people say it. The Ihram cloth is available in plain cotton material or towel material. The Ehram comes in two pieces of a standard size for men. The towel Ehram is available in several qualities but the medium quality would be ideal. Towel Ihrams are better than plain cloth Ihrams for three main reasons. Firstly during very hot weather the parts of a person’s body where two points rub against each other becomes sore as the plain cloth cannot absorb much sweat. Secondly, when it’s a little cooler in the evenings the towel can be used to keep a person slightly warm. Thirdly, when many of the plain cloth ihrams get wet they become transparent whereas the towel ones do not. Iqra also stocks Ehrams for ladies which are not really Ihrams but large half body jilbabs which can worn over your normal clothing.

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Islamic Gifts & Decor

Category : Islamic Gifts

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Islamic Gifts and Decorations

Iqra stocks a very exclusive variety of Islamic gifts and decorations. We will mention a few for your information but a true picture can only be taken by honouring Iqra with your presence at its store.

One of the most popular Islamic gifts that people like is name key rings. There are several hundred names already in stock and available all the time. Iqra also stocks name frames. In the case that a name is not available in the store Iqra can promptly order it for collection in a few days. There are also the new name pens that are quite popular with the younger generation. These kind of Islamic gifts are very reasonable in price and look very appealing too as well as adding a personal touch.

Another kind of Islamic gift in the form of Islamic décor would be plaques and stands with surahs and ayats written on them in different forms of art. The variety in this section is very large and can be used for your own home or as a gift.

Iqra also stocks bead curtains that can be used to create partitions in a house for the sisters and the brothers to sit separately. These partitions are available in wood and plastic and in several colours.

Iqra prides itself of having one of the largest collections of Islamic frames. From paintings and embroidery to embossed and engraved art forms. All is available at Iqra books. Sizes of Islamic frames vary and can be chosen according to the size of the room it will be displayed in.

Iqra sources Islamic art from around the world and takes feedback from its customers and visitors in terms of their design and colour preferences. If there is anything that you require and can not seem to find please do let us know so that we may try and find it for you.


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Islamic Clothing Online

Category : Islamic Clothing

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Islamic Clothing

Islamic clothing is available in abundance at Iqra Books. Islamic clothing can be divided into four common categories after which each category can be divided into further sub-categories. The four main categories are women’s Islamic clothing, men’s Islamic clothing, boys’ Islamic clothing and girls’ Islamic clothing.

The largest variety is available in women’s Islamic clothing. In women’s Islamic clothing Iqra books stock abayas, jilbabs, jalabibs, jalabiyas, overcoats, Hijabs, arm coverings, bonnet caps to name but a few. Women’s Islamic clothing is imported from all around the world and several styles are available for everyone depending and personal preferences.

In the mens Islaic clothing section Iqra books stock thawbs, overcoats, half top thawbs, Moroccan thawbs, Khanzus, Palestinian scarves, turbans, caps, hats, kufi skull caps, leather socks (Kufs) and much more. Different styles are available in every type of men’s Islamic clothing.

Iqra books also stock a decent range of boys and girls Islamic clothing. Most children wear Islamic clothing when they go to study in their respective Madrasahs and mosques. The children’s Hijab range in Iqra books is very large.

For women’s Islamic clothing Iqra has dedicated a whole area of the store. There is also a changing room for sisters who wish to try on the Islamic dresses. Islamic dresses for women are available in different materials and colours. There are simple plain abayas and overcoats as well as the dresses with embroidery and different type of beaded work. The Hijabs are too many to state and we have provided descriptions of a few different types of hijabs on the Hijab page.

Islamic clothing at Iqra changes regularly in terms of style as Iqra considers the season and arranges for Islamic clothing related to seasons. Seasons considered could be according to weather and Islamic celebrations such as Eid. During winter time for example the variety of overcoats is increased to cope with the demand and Iqra produces a decent variety of the coats. Iqra is always trying to increase its range of Islamic clothing for all and is always open to suggestions of new or unavailable designs and styles due to its close links to many manufacturers.

Bonnet caps need to be mentioned separately even though they are a part of women’s Islamic clothing as Bonnet caps have become an essential for most Muslim women who wear the Hijab. Iqra has taken note of this and avails an amazing amount of colours and practical styles of Bonnet caps. There is a very large section just dedicated to Bonnet caps in Iqra books. Many sisters bring their clothing along to match bonnet caps with all their different dresses. Bonnet caps make it very convenient for those wearing the Hijab to cover themselves practically and comfortably.

Iqra always keeps in mind that modesty is the main motive of Islamic clothing and tries its best to ensure modesty is not lost in any way or form.

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Islamic Books

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Category : Islamic Books


Islamic Books Online


Islamic Books

Islamic Books are the root of most Islamic stores. Iqra Books stock a very large variety of Islamic Books. Most of the Islamic books that Iqra books stocks are published in the United Kingdom. The quality of paper and finishing of Islamic books published in the United Kingdom is excellent. Islamic books cover the largest are of Iqra book store. The Islamic books are divided into basic categories. One of the main categories is the books about the prophet Muhammad and other people. This section will contain all biographies and life stories. Another main section of Islamic books is the Hadith section. The Hadith section contains hadith collections such as Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Ibn Maja, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood as well as small collections of Hadith regarding different topics such as Islamic manners and the hereafter.

Thirdly Iqra has a section on Arabic. This section contains books that teach Arabic as a language and Arabic for the Quran. Some books require tutors and some are self study guides. There are popular books such as the Arabic course set by Madina University and the Gateway to Arabic series by the popular author Dr Imran Alawiye.

Another section of Islamic books available at Iqra is that of Basics of Islam which include books about the five pillars of Islam and six pillars of Iman, Tawheed and many others.

There are other smaller sections on books about the Quran and hadith, contemporary Islam, Sufism and many more.

Another section worth mentioning is the section that is dedicated to death, afterlife and black magic. There is a vast collection of books to gain knowledge in this area.

The largest section of Islamic books is dedicated to children who are our future. There are books for Madrasah courses and general stories from the Quran and the Hadith. There is also a very large variety of children’s colouring and activity books available at Iqra. These kind of Islamic books are very popular with children and parents alike.

Iqra tries to order in any books that are not available commonly in the United Kingdom and is open to any suggestions or requests anybody might have. Iqra is also trying to create a facility where Iqra visitors can create search through the text in the Islamic books.

A great variety of Qurans is available at Iqra Books. The Quran is obviously the greatest book given to mankind and the final revelation. Iqra Books stock Qurans in different font sizes, paper qualities, languages and size. There are also several Quran translations available in English. Iqra Books also stock very large font sizes for the elderly as well as Qurans that can be donated to mosques.

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Category : Hijabs



Hijab Shop Online



The Hijab area in Iqra books is one of the most well known and popular areas of the shop. A very large variety of hijabs is on display and there for the taking. The Hijab area has been separated into the Abaya and Jilbab section and the scarves section to name but a few. There are also other sections related to the Hijab such as the Bonnet Cap section. Iqra prides itself for having the largest variety of Bonnet Caps in the United Kingdom.

There are many different types of hijabs available in Iqra Books. We will mention a few types that are available to give you a gist of what is available at Iqra. One of the main types is the long Hijab. The long Hijab in simple terms could be described as a rectangular Hijab. The long Hijab has the largest variety of materials as it is common to many parts of the world. The long Hijab is also used in mainstream fashion as a fashion scarf. The long Hijab is also the best to create different Hijab styles. Iqra Books stock a large variety of long hijabs with and without tassels.

Another type of Hijab is the square Hijab. The square Hijab is available in printed designs, with embroidery or just in plain single colour tones. The most common way of wearing the square Hijab is to fold it across to form a triangle and placed over the head after which it is joined below the neck with a Hijab pin. The square Hijab is also available in a large variety of materials and designs.

Thirdly we have the one piece Hijab. The one piece Hijab is basically a tube made of cloth open from both ends and on one end there is some lace attached in some. This Hijab is probably the most practical and simple Hijab available. It is made mainly of cotton and is as easy to wear as a hat. The one piece Hijab just has to be pulled over the head. The one piece Hijab is available in many colours and is excellent for day to day wear.

Another Hijab is the Kuwaiti Hijab. The Kuwaiti Hijab can be best described as a one piece Hijab and a long Hijab joined together. The first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab is basically a one piece Hijab without the lace. The second portion is a long Hijab attached to the one piece Hijab between the neck and the chin area. The second portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab is then wrapped around the first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab.

Kuwaiti Hijab joint is automatically the next Hijab we will mention. The Kuwaiti Hijab joint is similar to the Kuwaiti Hijab the only difference being that the second portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab joint is joined at both ends to the first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab joint. To wear the Kuwaiti Hijab joint the second portion has to be twisted once then placed over the head and there appears a cross on the front end linking to the whole hijab.

The Igal Hijab is another style that is still new to many. The Igal Hijab is the Hijab of 2007 according to many who are trend setters in the Hijab world. The Igal Hijab is basically a long Hijab with two strands two thirds of the way down the long Hijab. The strands are tied to the back of the neck and the Hijab is wrapped around the face. This is a very stylish Hijab and can be used for day to day activities as well as special events such as weddings.

Lastly we have the Egyptian Hijab. This is a Hijab which has just arrived in the market just like the Igal Hijab. It is similar to the Kuwaiti Hijab except that the inner piece and the outer piece are joined together on the forehead area. The Egyptian Hijab will be the Hijab of the month in Ramadhan and will be used as an Eid gift this year.

There are many more types of Hijabs available at Iqra books. Please pay us a visit to view the whole variety.

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Islamic Shop London

Category : Information


Iqra Islamic Books and Gift Centre

Welcome to the Iqra Books website. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop based in West London more specifically in Southall. Iqra Islamic bookshop opened its doors in the beginning of Ramadhan 2003. Iqra Books is one of the largest Islamic bookshops in the South East of England. Iqra Islamic bookshop provides car parking for its customers and an excellent service. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop that specialises in books, clothing and frames. The idea of an Islamic bookshop came about after noticing a rise in demand for Islamic books, hijabs, abayas and the like. The demand was not fulfilled due to the high prices in some Islamic stores. Iqra books cater for children and adults alike and provide a very large range of Islamic goods. Islamic goods do not just extend till books and clothing, they go much further. Iqra Islamic bookshop provides nearly anything and everything that a muslim would require in his or her day to day life to follow an Islamic way of life. As an Islamic bookshop we also provide a range of Islamic décor that is unmatched by most Islamic bookshops around us. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop not to be missed. All you need to do is visit Iqra Books once and give this Islamic bookshop an opportunity to serve you.

Iqra Islamic Book Store London

Iqra Books provides a large range of Islamic books for sale. These Islamic books can be categorised in various ways. A major portion of Iqra Books provides childrens Islamic books. The kids’ Islamic books section covers books for very young children such as painting and colouring books or activity books to books about the prophets, the hadith and the pillars of Islam and Iman. Another range of Islamic books is women’s books. Iqra books have a variety of Islamic books related to women in Islam. There are popular books such as The Ideal Muslimah and many others. Iqra books also have a large variety of books related to the life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These books are biographies and teachings of the prophet (PBUH). There are other books available on the life of other prophets some of which are summarised and some in more detail. Iqra books also stock hadith from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim to the forty hadith of Imam An-Nawawi. These hadith books are also available in summarised versions or complete sets. There are many other categories and topics such as Tawheed, fundamentals of Islam how to pray Salah, Hajj, Umra and Iman. Iqra books also try and order books for customers which are not stocked in their bookstore depending on the availability and demand of the book.

Islamic Stores Southall

Iqra books is not just an Islamic bookstore it is an Islamic store with a large variety of goods related to Islam and Muslims. Iqra books stock a popular variety of alcohol free perfumes also known as attars. This variety runs from basic scents to unique scents such as Attar Al Kaba. Iqra has built a very good reputation for having a very large variety of hijabs, abayas, bonnet caps and other forms of Islamic clothing for women. The Islamic clothing range for women covers at least twenty five percent of the Islamic store. There is also a large variety of Islamic clothing for men and children available in different styles, colours and sizes. The children’s hijab section is very popular too. Another very popular range of products which is very exclusive and satisfying is that of Islamic frames and decorations. From contemporary art paintings to traditional embroidered designs, all is available at Iqra. An Islamic store without halal confectionery just wouldn’t be ideal which applies to Iqra Islamic store as well thus the large variety of halal jelly sweets marshmallows, chewits and more. Iqra Islamic store also stocks many quranic recitation materials in the form of single cds and cd sets as well as DVDs. This is accompanied by a beautiful collection of Nasheeds (Islamic songs).


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