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The Hijab area in Iqra books is one of the most well known and popular areas of the shop. A very large variety of hijabs is on display and there for the taking. The Hijab area has been separated into the Abaya and Jilbab section and the scarves section to name but a few. There are also other sections related to the Hijab such as the Bonnet Cap section. Iqra prides itself for having the largest variety of Bonnet Caps in the United Kingdom.

There are many different types of hijabs available in Iqra Books. We will mention a few types that are available to give you a gist of what is available at Iqra. One of the main types is the long Hijab. The long Hijab in simple terms could be described as a rectangular Hijab. The long Hijab has the largest variety of materials as it is common to many parts of the world. The long Hijab is also used in mainstream fashion as a fashion scarf. The long Hijab is also the best to create different Hijab styles. Iqra Books stock a large variety of long hijabs with and without tassels.

Another type of Hijab is the square Hijab. The square Hijab is available in printed designs, with embroidery or just in plain single colour tones. The most common way of wearing the square Hijab is to fold it across to form a triangle and placed over the head after which it is joined below the neck with a Hijab pin. The square Hijab is also available in a large variety of materials and designs.

Thirdly we have the one piece Hijab. The one piece Hijab is basically a tube made of cloth open from both ends and on one end there is some lace attached in some. This Hijab is probably the most practical and simple Hijab available. It is made mainly of cotton and is as easy to wear as a hat. The one piece Hijab just has to be pulled over the head. The one piece Hijab is available in many colours and is excellent for day to day wear.

Another Hijab is the Kuwaiti Hijab. The Kuwaiti Hijab can be best described as a one piece Hijab and a long Hijab joined together. The first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab is basically a one piece Hijab without the lace. The second portion is a long Hijab attached to the one piece Hijab between the neck and the chin area. The second portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab is then wrapped around the first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab.

Kuwaiti Hijab joint is automatically the next Hijab we will mention. The Kuwaiti Hijab joint is similar to the Kuwaiti Hijab the only difference being that the second portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab joint is joined at both ends to the first portion of the Kuwaiti Hijab joint. To wear the Kuwaiti Hijab joint the second portion has to be twisted once then placed over the head and there appears a cross on the front end linking to the whole hijab.

The Igal Hijab is another style that is still new to many. The Igal Hijab is the Hijab of 2007 according to many who are trend setters in the Hijab world. The Igal Hijab is basically a long Hijab with two strands two thirds of the way down the long Hijab. The strands are tied to the back of the neck and the Hijab is wrapped around the face. This is a very stylish Hijab and can be used for day to day activities as well as special events such as weddings.

Lastly we have the Egyptian Hijab. This is a Hijab which has just arrived in the market just like the Igal Hijab. It is similar to the Kuwaiti Hijab except that the inner piece and the outer piece are joined together on the forehead area. The Egyptian Hijab will be the Hijab of the month in Ramadhan and will be used as an Eid gift this year.

There are many more types of Hijabs available at Iqra books. Please pay us a visit to view the whole variety.

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