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Islamic Clothing

Islamic clothing is available in abundance at Iqra Books. Islamic clothing can be divided into four common categories after which each category can be divided into further sub-categories. The four main categories are women’s Islamic clothing, men’s Islamic clothing, boys’ Islamic clothing and girls’ Islamic clothing.

The largest variety is available in women’s Islamic clothing. In women’s Islamic clothing Iqra books stock abayas, jilbabs, jalabibs, jalabiyas, overcoats, Hijabs, arm coverings, bonnet caps to name but a few. Women’s Islamic clothing is imported from all around the world and several styles are available for everyone depending and personal preferences.

In the mens Islaic clothing section Iqra books stock thawbs, overcoats, half top thawbs, Moroccan thawbs, Khanzus, Palestinian scarves, turbans, caps, hats, kufi skull caps, leather socks (Kufs) and much more. Different styles are available in every type of men’s Islamic clothing.

Iqra books also stock a decent range of boys and girls Islamic clothing. Most children wear Islamic clothing when they go to study in their respective Madrasahs and mosques. The children’s Hijab range in Iqra books is very large.

For women’s Islamic clothing Iqra has dedicated a whole area of the store. There is also a changing room for sisters who wish to try on the Islamic dresses. Islamic dresses for women are available in different materials and colours. There are simple plain abayas and overcoats as well as the dresses with embroidery and different type of beaded work. The Hijabs are too many to state and we have provided descriptions of a few different types of hijabs on the Hijab page.

Islamic clothing at Iqra changes regularly in terms of style as Iqra considers the season and arranges for Islamic clothing related to seasons. Seasons considered could be according to weather and Islamic celebrations such as Eid. During winter time for example the variety of overcoats is increased to cope with the demand and Iqra produces a decent variety of the coats. Iqra is always trying to increase its range of Islamic clothing for all and is always open to suggestions of new or unavailable designs and styles due to its close links to many manufacturers.

Bonnet caps need to be mentioned separately even though they are a part of women’s Islamic clothing as Bonnet caps have become an essential for most Muslim women who wear the Hijab. Iqra has taken note of this and avails an amazing amount of colours and practical styles of Bonnet caps. There is a very large section just dedicated to Bonnet caps in Iqra books. Many sisters bring their clothing along to match bonnet caps with all their different dresses. Bonnet caps make it very convenient for those wearing the Hijab to cover themselves practically and comfortably.

Iqra always keeps in mind that modesty is the main motive of Islamic clothing and tries its best to ensure modesty is not lost in any way or form.

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