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Islamic Gifts & Decor

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Islamic Gifts and Decorations

Iqra stocks a very exclusive variety of Islamic gifts and decorations. We will mention a few for your information but a true picture can only be taken by honouring Iqra with your presence at its store.

One of the most popular Islamic gifts that people like is name key rings. There are several hundred names already in stock and available all the time. Iqra also stocks name frames. In the case that a name is not available in the store Iqra can promptly order it for collection in a few days. There are also the new name pens that are quite popular with the younger generation. These kind of Islamic gifts are very reasonable in price and look very appealing too as well as adding a personal touch.

Another kind of Islamic gift in the form of Islamic décor would be plaques and stands with surahs and ayats written on them in different forms of art. The variety in this section is very large and can be used for your own home or as a gift.

Iqra also stocks bead curtains that can be used to create partitions in a house for the sisters and the brothers to sit separately. These partitions are available in wood and plastic and in several colours.

Iqra prides itself of having one of the largest collections of Islamic frames. From paintings and embroidery to embossed and engraved art forms. All is available at Iqra books. Sizes of Islamic frames vary and can be chosen according to the size of the room it will be displayed in.

Iqra sources Islamic art from around the world and takes feedback from its customers and visitors in terms of their design and colour preferences. If there is anything that you require and can not seem to find please do let us know so that we may try and find it for you.


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Hasham’s Calligraphy

03/02/2014 at 9:57 pm

Salam I am an artist where I design handcrafted Islamic gifts and wanted to offer my services to you in the form of Islamic candles that are getting highly popular and in demand these days I am very successful in the sets that if create and are highly aprecuated. I can see from all your range that you are not selling anything like this and it could bring you more business if you would add these in your products. If you are interested we can create some designs exclusively for you in different colours where them designs will only be available from you to purchase. This is our contact number44 7440 787609 Will also send you couple of our designs to give you a rough idea if the type if work we do. Jazakallah

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