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Islamic Products

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Islamic Products

Islamic products can be categorised and sub-categorised in various ways. One of the first and foremost categories would be Islamic books. This is the most common form of Islamic products that are required by every Muslim man, woman and child. The Quran is the first most essential book followed by the Hadith. Islamic books is the category in Islamic products with the most number of sub-categories. Islamic books can be categorised into a few categories if done in a scholarly way but for the ‘common human’ it is better to use more simple categories applicable to daily life and be more comprehensive using a simple format. One of the categories is women in Islam. This is a very popular category with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. In present day the ‘Hijab’ is under great criticism although it should be looked up to as way for women to express their freedom. Another category would be the life of the prophet and the people around the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This includes the Sahabah and the prophets wives’. Then we have the Arabic category. There are many books to learn Arabic to recite the Quran and many books to learn Arabic as a language. Some Arabic language books have syllabuses set by the likes of Medina University and Al Azhar in Egypt. Another popular category is that of marriage, family and bringing up children in Islam. This is a very crucial category of Islamic books as we all need to have guidance on who to bring up our children Islamically. This brings us to our next category related t the previous one that is Children’s Islamic books. Children are the future and need to follow the right path. These Islamic books provide great stories and morals to learn the simple and basic beliefs of Islam. There are several other categories such as contemporary Islam, Islamic history, supplication and many others that are available in Iqra Islamic store.

Another crucial part of Islamic products is Islamic clothing. Islamic clothing is sub divided into children clothing, women’s clothing and men’s clothing. The most popular one being women’s clothing. In women’s clothing there are many different styles of dresses available in the form of abayas, jilbabs, jalabibs, jalabiyas, burqas and overcoats. The even larger category is the category of the Hijab. The hijab is available in various styles and designs as well as colours. The hijab category alone can hold over fifteen hundred products at any one time. There is also a great demand for children’s hijabs and abayas especially when they travel to the madrasa or go for madrasa classes.

Iqra has built a reputation in the field of Islamic Décor and art. The Islamic frames range in Iqra is eye-opening and unmatched. The form of art available is from contemporary to traditional in vast sizes and colours.

Another part of Iqra’s Islamic products specialty is the range of Islamic essentials such as prayer mats, bead counters, incense burners, adhan clocks and many such items. There is also an excellent collection of perfumery. The range of perfumes in Iqra Islamic store is all free from alcohol. The range of attars (perfumes) varies from flowery scents to fruity scents all the way to elegant scents.

There are one too many Islamic products to mention which are available in Iqra Islamic Books centre. The ideal way to find out more about Islamic products available in Iqra Islamic centre is to visit Iqra. Iqra will welcome everyone with both arms.

The range of Islamic products is a never ending one and there are new products launched all the time. We will try to keep you updated with all products available or that are being released. You can let us know if there is any Islamic product in specific that you might be looking for.

Black Seed and Other Natural Products – The black seed is something that has been mentioned in the Hadith and so should be taken seriously. Iqra books have Black Seed products in different forms. Iqra provides black seed in its original form which is as a seed. It also provides Black Seed oil from different manufacturers. Some of the most popular ones being Imans Black Seed oil and Zamzam black seed oil.

Hajj & Umra Products – Hajj and Umrah products are available all round the year at Iqra books irrespective of the season. Hajj and Umra products come and great variations from absolutely necessary items to items that would be an advantage to have but not necessary. The first and foremost would be the Ihram or Ehram as some people say it. The Ihram cloth is available in plain cotton material or towel material. The Ehram comes in two pieces of a standard size for men. The towel Ehram is available in several qualities but the medium quality would be ideal. Towel Ihrams are better than plain cloth Ihrams for three main reasons. Firstly during very hot weather the parts of a person’s body where two points rub against each other becomes sore as the plain cloth cannot absorb much sweat. Secondly, when it’s a little cooler in the evenings the towel can be used to keep a person slightly warm. Thirdly, when many of the plain cloth ihrams get wet they become transparent whereas the towel ones do not. Iqra also stocks Ehrams for ladies which are not really Ihrams but large half body jilbabs which can worn over your normal clothing.

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