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Islamic Shop London

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Iqra Islamic Books and Gift Centre

Welcome to the Iqra Books website. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop based in West London more specifically in Southall. Iqra Islamic bookshop opened its doors in the beginning of Ramadhan 2003. Iqra Books is one of the largest Islamic bookshops in the South East of England. Iqra Islamic bookshop provides car parking for its customers and an excellent service. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop that specialises in books, clothing and frames. The idea of an Islamic bookshop came about after noticing a rise in demand for Islamic books, hijabs, abayas and the like. The demand was not fulfilled due to the high prices in some Islamic stores. Iqra books cater for children and adults alike and provide a very large range of Islamic goods. Islamic goods do not just extend till books and clothing, they go much further. Iqra Islamic bookshop provides nearly anything and everything that a muslim would require in his or her day to day life to follow an Islamic way of life. As an Islamic bookshop we also provide a range of Islamic décor that is unmatched by most Islamic bookshops around us. Iqra Books is an Islamic bookshop not to be missed. All you need to do is visit Iqra Books once and give this Islamic bookshop an opportunity to serve you.

Iqra Islamic Book Store London

Iqra Books provides a large range of Islamic books for sale. These Islamic books can be categorised in various ways. A major portion of Iqra Books provides childrens Islamic books. The kids’ Islamic books section covers books for very young children such as painting and colouring books or activity books to books about the prophets, the hadith and the pillars of Islam and Iman. Another range of Islamic books is women’s books. Iqra books have a variety of Islamic books related to women in Islam. There are popular books such as The Ideal Muslimah and many others. Iqra books also have a large variety of books related to the life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These books are biographies and teachings of the prophet (PBUH). There are other books available on the life of other prophets some of which are summarised and some in more detail. Iqra books also stock hadith from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim to the forty hadith of Imam An-Nawawi. These hadith books are also available in summarised versions or complete sets. There are many other categories and topics such as Tawheed, fundamentals of Islam how to pray Salah, Hajj, Umra and Iman. Iqra books also try and order books for customers which are not stocked in their bookstore depending on the availability and demand of the book.

Islamic Stores Southall

Iqra books is not just an Islamic bookstore it is an Islamic store with a large variety of goods related to Islam and Muslims. Iqra books stock a popular variety of alcohol free perfumes also known as attars. This variety runs from basic scents to unique scents such as Attar Al Kaba. Iqra has built a very good reputation for having a very large variety of hijabs, abayas, bonnet caps and other forms of Islamic clothing for women. The Islamic clothing range for women covers at least twenty five percent of the Islamic store. There is also a large variety of Islamic clothing for men and children available in different styles, colours and sizes. The children’s hijab section is very popular too. Another very popular range of products which is very exclusive and satisfying is that of Islamic frames and decorations. From contemporary art paintings to traditional embroidered designs, all is available at Iqra. An Islamic store without halal confectionery just wouldn’t be ideal which applies to Iqra Islamic store as well thus the large variety of halal jelly sweets marshmallows, chewits and more. Iqra Islamic store also stocks many quranic recitation materials in the form of single cds and cd sets as well as DVDs. This is accompanied by a beautiful collection of Nasheeds (Islamic songs).


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